CDM Condemns Decision to Terminate DACA

CDM is outraged by President Trump’s decision to terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which grants young undocumented immigrants who arrived as children the opportunity to live and work in the United States. By ending this program, the President aims to separate families and deport hundreds of thousands of Dreamers — our nation’s best and brightest young adults. This decision is particularly alarming, given that Dreamers boldly came forward, outing themselves as undocumented and entrusting their futures to our policymakers.  Rather than showing Dreamers the heart he promised, President Trump has chosen to cast out this talented generation.

President Trump’s decision to repeal DACA is yet another in this administration’s attacks on immigrants. Anti-immigrant executive orders, state-supported racial profiling, pardoning the poster child for the destruction of community policing — all of these actions further a white supremacist agenda that destroys our communities.  These policies ultimately lower living and working conditions for everyone in the United States by creating a chilling effect on reporting injustices, including labor abuses. President Trump must stop targeting vulnerable populations; he must step up and assume his duty to keep communities safe. President Trump must recognize that increasing the vulnerability of one group harms us all.