CDM Decries Today’s Executive Orders as Attacks on Migrant Communities

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed executive orders to criminalize immigrants and raise a physical barrier between the United States and Mexico. These policies will undermine community trust as fear of the authorities descends upon people across the US — not only undocumented immigrants but also on migrant workers and people of color who are the subject of racial profiling. Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc. (CDM) decries these nonsensical policies as attacks on migrant workers and their communities.
Under the executive orders, the Trump administration will build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, increase immigrant detention, increase collaboration between local police and immigration authorities, limit due process in removal proceedings, broaden the categories of immigrants who are priorities for removal, incentivize charging immigrants with petty crimes, and withdraw funding from cities that seek to provide some modicum of protection. The announced policies will endanger migrant workers at home and at work, creating a chilling effect on witnesses who would otherwise report crimes. These policies will inevitably promote hostility, create an atmosphere of fear, and divide families.

CDM is angered by these attacks on migrant communities. Today, we renew our commitment to migrant workers’ rights, and we resolve to fight alongside our allies and civil society in the name of justice for all.

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