Comité de Defensa del Migrante

(Migrant Defense Committee)

Founded in 2006, the Comité de Defensa del Migrante (Migrant Defense Committee or Comité) is a group of community-based leaders who organize and empower migrant workers to defend themselves and educate their co-workers.  Comprised of migrants and ex-migrants, who are a mix of H-2B, H-2A and unauthorized workers, and their family members, the Comité forms a human chain across Mexico and the United States. The Comité’s objectives are to become a permanent presence in workers’ communities—both at home in Mexico and at work in the United States—and act as migrant rights’ advocates. Comité leaders train other migrants in human rights, building a culture of informed migrants to protect workers’ rights all along the migrant stream. Through investment in education and leadership development, Comité members will empower thousands of workers in Mexico and the United States to take proactive approaches to ending workplace abuses.