Proyecto de Mujeres Migrantes

Proyecto de Mujeres Migrantes (ProMuMi/The Migrant Worker Women’s Project)

Nearly half of all migrants are women.  Mexican women migrants overwhelmingly work in non-agricultural jobs in the United States and in industries and occupations that are physically isolated from social and legal services.  To respond to the demographics of migration and the particular challenges that women migrants face, CDM launched Proyecto de Mujeres Migrantes (Women Migrants Project or “ProMuMi”).  CDM developed and published ProMuMi materials that provide women migrants with critical information about their U.S. workplace rights and targeted information about pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, and U.S. agencies that assist women migrants.  CDM has developed workshops on the rights of migrant women in targeted communities. CDM and women migrant leaders also participate in the Bandana Project, which was developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center and allies to bring attention to the sexual harassment and abuse of farmworker women. 

In 2010, CDM and the American University Washington College of Law published Picked Apart: The Hidden Struggles of Migrant Worker Women in the Maryland Crab Industry, detailing the harrowing experiences of women guestworkers in the crab industry on H-2B visas and recommending policy reforms.

For more information about Picked Apart, see:

Tara Bahrampour, “Report criticizes treatment of Mexican women recruited to pick Md. crabs,” Washington Post, July 15, 2010.